BizAgi Process Modeler overview

General info

Name: BizAgi Process Modeler

Described version:
BizAgi - About

Publisher: BizAgi

Slogan/tool description by authors: “BizAgi Free BPMN Process Modeler is the most Friendly Tool to Diagram and Document business processes using BPMN notation.”

Short description: BizAgi Process Modeler is a free modelling component of the BizAgi BPM Suite.
It allows creating BPMN 1.1 diagrams, sharing them (XPDL and Visio import & export), and publishing documentation.

Website: (download, resource center, quick tour)

License: Freeware

Info about company: BizAgi is a UK-based BPM vendor focused on providing solutions supporting business agility. Their BPM suite supports design, integration, automation, and monitoring of (human) business processes.

Technical details

Overview: BizAgi Process Modeler is a standalone Windows software. It stores models in files (*.bpm).

Requirements: Microsoft .NET framework 2.0

Download package: 17,3 MB (program setup; .NET can also be downloaded from their site)

Functionalities and features

BizAgi Process Modeler allows creating Business Process Diagrams as defined in BPMN 1.1 specification. No additional model types are available.

BizAgi uses Ribbon style interface. Modeling functionalities are available in the main tab, while import/export (also documentation) can be found in “Export & Import” tab. Graphical editor uses drag and drop approach. Thanks to the “pie menu” it is possible to model the process flow almost without using object palette – after selecting an object radial menu with objects (task, gateway, events) appears, allowing user to insert new object that will be connected with a previous one.

Objects contain some basic attributes (e.g. for activity this are: Name, Description, and info about performers) available in pop up windows (element properties). It is possible to add extended attributes of the objects.

Additional functionalities:
* Expanding/colapsing subprocesses
* Attaching files to objects
* Diagram validation

Import and Export options include XPDL and VSD (Visio).
Models can be published as Word documents or PDF files. It is also possible to save model graphics as JPG, PNG or BMP files.

See also:
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