Free tools for business analysts

EDIT: This post has updated version. See the latest version:

Below you can find list of a free BPM (Business Process Modelling)/BPA (Business Process Analysis) tools. They are divided into 2 sub-lists: one with standalone (installable) programs, and other with web-based tools.

Tools mentioned there differ much – some of them offer only very simple modelling capabilities, while others (BPA) offer also analytical mechanisms, simulation algorythms and much more. However all those tools can be used to describe business processes, understand them better and (hopefully) improve them.

If you know of other free tools for business process modelling/analysis please add them in comments. There are just two conditions: they need to be free (trials do not count), and they need to be useful for business process modeller/analyst (so even fine workflow engine does not count unless it has really cool modelling component).

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you that posted comments about BPA tools – especially to Sandy Kemsley, Rolf Hemmerling, Cathy Beauvais, Eli, Fabio Carli, Phil Webb, Bart-Jan, Jim Brown, Danielle, Gerardo Lisboa, Rojesh, John.

@ Elena – I will create a new page about BPMS tools.

Standalone tools

ADONIS:Community Edition ( – business process modeling (BPMN + other model types), analysis, simulation, publishing (HTML+PDF), KPI monitoring and BPMN DI import and export. See tool overview

AgilPro (available at Sourceforge) – Eclipse-based open source modelling and simulation – not reviewed yet.

ARIS Express ( – business process modeling (BPMN + other model types) and publishing. See tool overview.

BizAgi Process Modeler ( – BPMN modelling, publishing and simulation. Nice collaboration features.
See tool overview

Cuecent BPMN ( – free version available upon request by e-mail; not reviewed yet.

MID Innovator for Business Analysts (Personal Edition) (  – not reviewed yet

Soyatec eBPMN ( – Eclipse-based BPMN modelling – not reviewed yet.

Yaoqiang BPMN Editor ( – used to be free, but looks like commercial product now?

ActiveModeler – cannot find free version

Savvion Process Modeler ( – BPMN modeling, simulation, and documentation. No longer available.

Intalio|Designer ( – BPMN modeling and BPEL Export. There’s also Intalio Server for executing processes defined in BPEL 2.0 and Intalio Workflow. No longer free.

TIBCO Business Studio ( – BPMN modeling and simulation. Now only 90 day trial.

Update (thanks to Sandy Kemsley for info about Metastorm):
Metastorm Process Designer – Business Analyst Edition ( – BPMN modelling. No longer free.

Embarcadero EA/Studio Community Edition ( – Eclipse-based BPMN modelling. Visio import. No longer available.

Web based tools – not reviewed yet

Gliffy – online diagramming software ( Just like Visio in your browser 😉 Still free, but with several limitations (only 5 public diagrams available) – not reviewed yet – not reviewed yet, but seems to be in eternal beta – not reviewed yet

Lombardi Blueprint ( Process documentation (with possibility to see diagram as BPMN) tool available via browser. Now IBM Blueworks Live. No longer free – only trial.

Oryx – browser based modeller ( Offers support for BPMN 1.1, EPC, Petri nets. No longer maintained. Superseded by (commercial) Signavio editor.

23 thoughts on “Free tools for business analysts

  1. Savvion Process Modeler ( – BPMN modeling, simulation, and documentation – Only a trial version is offered. I suggest to remove it from this page as it does not meet the requirement “they need to be free”.


  2. a)
    Embarcadero EA/Studio
    There is no free Community Edition anymore 😦

    Might somebody supply this version for me, somehow ?!

    b)Additonal free offline BPMN tools
    Free “Home Use” license, you have to ask by E-Mail, personally.

    2)bpmn-xpdl Modeller ( bxModeller )
    Free open source BPMN software, download just by request ( I am still waiting )

    c) Additonal free online BPMN tools
    1) idungu
    by José Santiago Pavez Salazar

    d) Comment on
    Soyatec eBPMN
    Its still a beta. The other product, eUML2, has a free and commercial edition. The future will show if there will be a useful free edition of eBPMN.


    • Hi Rolf,

      Thanks for your valuable comments.
      Akismet miscategorised it as spam – luckily I checked today pending comments…

      Best regards,


  3. I just came across this one called Cuecent BPMN. Haven’t seen it yet so I wouldn’t know anything else about it.


  4. Has anyone use any of these BPM tools?
    1. Bonitasoft
    2. BizAgi
    3. Intalio
    4. ProcessMaker
    5. uEngine
    6. Savvion
    7. Appian
    8. Skelta BPM.NET
    9. BizFlow
    10. TIBCO
    11. Ultimus

    Please rate the tool/s in terms of:
    1. Ease of use (Easy, Average, Difficult)
    2. Fast modelling
    3. Horizontal/Vertical (What this means is like the same feature in Lombardi Blueprint, if you have tried Lombardi)
    4. It’s export options (PDF, Word, Visio, etc)
    5. Is it better than Lombardi Blueprint (Again, if you have tried Lombardi)

    Or you can just describe/comment on the BPM tool/s you have tried, even the ones not listed here.

    • I’ve been using Appian BPM. In birief:
      Easy of use: easy
      Fast modelling: fast
      H/V: I know very little Lombardi, sorry
      Export options: PDF, XLS, Word
      Lombardi: what I can say is that in my customers’ judgement Lombardi’s cost-quality balance was considered less actractive than Appian’s, in particular because of the high costs of Lombardi.


  5. I tried the free modeler edition of Bizagi.

    1. Ease of use (Easy, Average, Difficult)

    2. Fast modelling

    3. Horizontal/Vertical (What this means is like the same feature in Lombardi
    Blueprint, if you have tried Lombardi)
    Just horizontal

    4. It’s export options (PDF, Word, Visio, etc)
    PNG – great
    Visio – No / buggy at the time, requires Visio to be installed
    There is some XML export, but I did not try or succeed to exchange a model with some other BPMN applications

    5. Is it better than Lombardi Blueprint (Again, if you have tried Lombardi)
    I did not try L.

  6. Hi, I’m Elena from Webratio! Thanks for this valued article!!!
    We’ve just relased a FREE Bpm Tool to design processes and generate web-apps to execute them…

    Information and download here:

    Here are main features:

    – The tool is not only a BPMN editor, but it let you also generate in one click a Web application that execute the processes
    – The tool let you also export professional documentation in html, pdf or rtf
    – The tool is integrated in Eclipse platform

    bye, Elena

  7. Does anyone know of a tool that imports business processes from ARIS and then simulates the flow of execution showing endless loops, missing links .. etc. I have 450+ business processes and I need to analyze them instead of printing them on A3 sheets, paste them on the wall then follow the links manually using different colors.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. I Liked the article, Thanks!
    SYDLE SEED ( ) also have a FREE Community Edition! It was recently launched as a cloud service. You can make: Modeling and documentation;
    Process execution,
    Perfomance and goals indicators,
    Public cloud!

  9. Hi Everyone,
    I am new to this field and looking for the tools used by Business analyst which are fast and up to the mark,please suggest which is the easiest one for a beginner and easy to understand as well as please let me know if there is any user guide available along with them.


  10. Yaoqiang is GPLv3 again and is free for personal use and open source projects! Also try the OTRS Business Solution™ which is not yet BPMN 2.0 compatible but on it’s way 🙂

    — Cheers, Nils

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