Customer Journey Mapping and Lean Startup in BPM – interview with Clay Richardson

Listen to the interview with Clay Richardson from Forrester Research. Clay shares many great insights on topics like Customer Journey Mapping and aligning it with BPM, Lean Startup Techniques, Low-Code Application Development and much more.

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Which BPM skills will be hot in 2016?

Almost every year you can hear about the new standards and topics in Business Process Management that promise you great results. But how to distinguish between new BPM skills you should add to your toolbox, obsolete ones or hypes?

To help you decide what is worth your attention in 2016 I asked some of the best BPM experts in the world:
1. What are the skills that BPM practitioners should add to their toolbox in 2016?
2. Which skills are no longer relevant or not practically applicable yet (hype)?

BPM Skills in 2016(1)


Do you need to build a process architecture? You need to see APQC PCF!

Creating a good process architecture from scratch can be very time consuming. Fortunately there are resources you can use to speed up the process and avoid reinventing the wheel.

One of my favorite resources I recommend to people asking me about process modeling is the Process Classification Framework from APQC.

Since it was just recently updated to version 7.0 I decided to create a post about it.



Free BPMN tutorial for business process professionals

Are you a fresh Business Process Analyst? Or maybe a seasoned BPM practitioner with many years of flowcharting experience?

No matter what is your background you must have heard about the BPMN as the new de facto standard for modeling processes. It can be used when you need to document your processes as a part of the project or when you need to automate your processes.

Would you like to start using BPMN? Great – I have prepared a free online course/video tutorial for you.

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Best MOOCs for BPM professionals

Massive Open Online Courses allow you to learn new things in a way which fits your schedule. They are often organized by best educational institutions/experts in the world. And did I mention they are free? If you want to learn more about MOOCs there is a BPTrends article on this topic.

Below you can find list of the BPM-related courses that I participated in (and recommend) or the ones I am currently signed up for. For all of them you can sign up now and learn new BPM skills in 2015.


BPMN for Business Analysts – best practices from 19 experts

One of the most important elements of every Business Analyst’s toolkit is process modeling, which is also significant activity for Business Process Management professionals.

For BPM market BPMN is now the standard for modeling processes. But is it also the case for BA’s?

To find out what are the best practices, I asked some of the best BA and BPMN experts in the world a simple question:

“Why, when and how should business analysts use BPMN?”BPMN-for-BAs-640x320